Rare Visions & roadside revelations companion book

Since 1995, Randy Mason, Mike Murphy and Don "The Camera Guy" Mayberger have rolled across America in a minivan, exploring the road less traveled for Public TV.  With their own World's Largest Ball of Videotape in tow, they've searched high and low for grassroots artists and offbeat attractions, i.e. "Rare Visions & Roadside Revelations."

This handy, fit-in-the-glovebox Travel-o-Pedia is a compilation of stories and listings about
hundreds of their favorite artists, sights and even eateries in one colorful, comprehensive compendium.  With no annoying narration to gum up the works!

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Rare Visions & roadside revelations companion book

Get off the interstate and onto the backroads with Randy, Mike and Don the Camera Guy, in this companion book to KCPT’s award-winning public television series. You’ll discover an amazing array of art and oddities, food and fun, and a world of creativity in some of the most unexpected places.

Like the theme song says: “Look out, they’re drivin’ hard. Checkin’ out the world in their own backyard.”

on-line store temporarily unavailable, call 816.756.3580




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